Advice & training
Professionell project organisation for industrial investments


Do you urgently need support in setting up a new project management? Do you have a bottleneck because of lacking on specialists? Do you need a manager to take over the lead at short notice? We would be happy to support you with an interim manager as a supporter or project manager. We also offer mentoring for the new project management until the project is successfully completed.


Contact us and let us make an appointment where we can provide the first answers to your questions.

Inhalte unserer Beratung

  • Development of an expanded business model from project logistics to project organization
  • Creation of a SWOT analysis
  • Conclusion of the consultancy contract with your customer
  • Presentation of the project and contract structure to the customer as a high-quality component of the organization
  • Composition of a project structure and organization at the time of sale
  • Avoid mixing different legal areas of business
  • Structure of the project team, central functions, responsibilities and control tower activities
  • Perfect interface management: integration into contracts between project participants such as general contractor, supplier, subscriber
  • Preservation and implementation of instructional competence through the integration of contract supplements
  • Establishing green logistics: Avoiding CO2 emissions through intelligent control and the use of modes of transport in dependencies
  • Delivery and assembly plans